Banff National Park, Canada Travel Diary

Banff is one of the best places to visit in the world. This place is magical and you can’t imagine how beautiful is every landscape, lake or mountain.

We visited Banff this year in June and came back with amazing impressions. We all already know that Canada is famous with it’s snow covered mountains and green nature,  but the most impressive views had turquoise, blue lakes surrounded by mountains and fairy tale like woods.

  1. IMG_82891IMG_8298IMG_8305IMG_8343IMG_8352IMG_8371

These first pictures were taken at Two Jack lake, which was very calm and had beautiful milky blue color. This lake is my husband’s favorite, because it has very calm and relaxing atmosphere. There weren’t that much tourists and it looks like park, because it has green grass and chairs that you can sit on it and have picnic.

I was so excited about this trip, that I did some research before we went there, and saw the pictures, but my real impressions were better than I could imagine. During the research that I did, one fact bothered me- the possibility that the lakes will be still frozen in early June. I was tracking the lakes on webcam at Banff and I was amazed to see how they thawed in one day. Anyway, when we went there the lakes were thawed already and had all shades of beautiful blue color.


Number 2 lake is Grassy lake. I don’t know how to describe this color of the lake. It is amazing and during the day it was changing the color of the water from light blue to deep greenish blue.


Third lake is the Peyto lake. We were hiking about  half an hour to get there. When we first got there, we were so shocked, I never saw this kind of blue lake even in the pictures. The blue color of the lake and overall all lakes, get their color from the thawed glaciers of the Canadian Rockies. Peyto lake is also known as a glacier fed lake, because you actually can see thawing glacier water coming down from the mountains.


This last two lakes are most famous lake Louise and Emerald lake. We had delicious breakfast at Fairmont Chateau hotel,right in front of the lake Louise.We also did canoeing on Lake Louise. Emerald lake was beautiful too and had that enchanted emerald color, even when it was raining. One thing that I liked most about the lake that even on cloudy and gloomy days, you still can enjoy their beautiful color. I also fell in love with the wild life of Banff. I had a chance to see reindeers very close to our hotel, bear with his babies, mountain goat and etc. We did lots of hiking and fun activities.

Last couple days our friends joined us in this trip and we were wondering how wonderful would be this place in winter. Miracle happened here and as you see in the pictures, we got lucky to see snow in June. It was winter wonderland. The forests were covered by snow and the lake still had their milky blue colors. I would like to share so many things with you about Banff (where we stayed, or eat …) but maybe I will write about other fun activities in different article. Stay tuned..


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