Great news! We are pregnant!

Our pregnancy story and the journey we went through.

I was off for a couple month in the blog, but now I returned with a great news, we are pregnant! Yep, baby Boyajian is coming soon!


I guess I stopped writing articles in my blog after June and summer time was the  time for renewing my mind, getting rest and waiting for the new life coming. I never had oportunity to share this on social media, but today I decided to post the difficulties that we had before we got pregnant.

I had 2 recurrent miscarriages before I got pregnant with these one. First I got pregnant last year and found out that I was pregnant in January 5. That was very shocking and the same time exciting news. We didn’t plan for a long time, so it happened when we first tried and as soon as we found out we told our families and friends. We delivered the news to our families and friends with very interesting and surprising ways. But after a month, in February 10, I went to emergency room with bleeding and pain and doctors told us that it is a threatened misscarriage. I was scared but had a little hope.The next day my husband and I traveled to Sacramento for business, after one day I had more bleeding and lost the baby. It was the worst time of my life. My husband and I were sad, we didn’t know why it happened and the doctors didn’t have answers either. It was on Valentines day and we even didn’t  celebrate it, I can saythat  it was the worst Valentines day we had. But after couple weeks I recovered physically, even though mentally I was crushed. It was getting harder when we notice that many of our friends getting pregnant and of course we shared the joy, but the same time it was reminding us our grief. We didn’t want to wait too long, so after two month we tried again and yes, I was pregnant for the second time. I found out on mother day, it was very special for me, but the happines was short , I lost it again after a week. These time we were so angry, full of pain, we just took a vacation and trusted God with our future.

We changed our doctor because the previous one diagnosed me with PCOS(Polyscystic Ovarian Syndrom) and this is was more stressfull. I had to cut all the sugar, carbs even some vegetables and fruits, in one word, I tried to heal my body. When we changed our doctor, the new one sent us for taking all tests that would possibly be reasons of my misscarriages. We checked and everything was clear, I even didn’t have PCOS. So he asked us to wait for at least three month and try again. We have waited and then with trusting God and praying, we tried again. This time it happened and we heard the babie’s heartbeat. I still had many fears and was scared to lose it again, even after first trimestr, but when I saw the baby’s moving 4D video, everything felt so real!


I prayed and gave my fears to God’s hand and was full Joy and Hope. I learned to fully to trust God, even though I had a bad experience and let me tell you, it was not easy. Now I’m 20 weeks far and so far everything is great. I’m enjoying my pregnancy and every developement of this little miracle inside me.

We announced our pregnancy on social media during the Christmas and after sharing it publicly, it felt more real.


We are so grateful to our Father in Heaven for this little miracle and for the journey we went through!


Love never fails

Today I’m going to talk about the meaning of life-Love. For some people this would be a cheesy topic, for others very close to heart and for me the greatest thing that is not just a feeling, but it is a lifestyle. I thought  this could be a good opportunity to share some thoughts about love especially on Valentine’s Day.

I’m not going to use just a beautiful words to describe it, but I would love to share how I feel and how I experience the presence of Love. I’m sure most of you will imagine flowers, balloons, hearts when someone talks about Valentine’s Day or general about Love. Believe me people, it’s not just that, and Love is not presenting only between couples, friends and families, it is everywhere. We surrounded by touch of Love, we breath love, we are getting or receiving it every moment of our Life.

I recently went through difficult and painful situation- loosing on of the beautiful gifts of God. It was on Valentines Day and I lost my interest in everything. I was so focused on my pain, that I forgot what makes me happy and full of life. My husband was so strong and helped me a lot with his encouragement and support. He wasn’t the only one who was next to me, lot’s of people helped me through their prayers and encouragements, but especially I had that strength and comfort coming from God. Love is when you are going through something painful and difficult, and when you see you are not alone, people are ready to share it with you and when time past that pain gets smaller and smaller. Love is when you are not give up of hope, love is when you are ready to forget yourself and help others, love is when you are moving forward trusting God your whole life. Yes, Love has power in it, love has beauty and love can grow more and more. God is Love, everything that created by him is full of Love, everything we get from him made by love even things that we are not ready to receive.

So let’s conclude the idea of Love, which is much deeper that I tried to describe, it is the secret of our happiness and strength.

Our 2 years Anniversary!

January 31 is our Anniversary. The second year of our marriage we celebrated at the romantic Italian restaurant. We also had Vintage theme photo shoot. View More: More: More: More: More:

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For our photo shoot, I used my vintage bicycle, picnic basket, picnic blanket, heart shape chalk board,  vintage style picture frame, Flower vase and of course beautiful flowers.

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