Short trip to magical Lake Elsinore Flower field

Two month ago my husband and I decided to have a nice picnic at one of the beautiful fields close by. We found out that this year is the most blooming year of Californian fields because of rain. So on Instagram I found this beautiful blooming field on the mountains of Lake Elsinore.

I can’t describe how beautiful view it was on mountains full of yellow and purple wildflowers. I couldn’t resist my self and started pick flowers to make a flower crown and of course I failed:))Sitting on the fresh green grass and enjoying that epic scene of green mountains and blue sky was worth of 30 minute hike in skirt and sandals( I like wearing girly when I’m in the nature even though for other it looks like not that comfortable, but for me it is more than comfortable). The beautiful nature scene give me a feeling of being in nature wonderland. And all this beautiful  feelings again reminded me how beautiful is God and all his creation. Every detail is designed by him and it shows perfection in Him. When I started look around, I stated understand what does mean the thought of God is praised and glorified even by nature, by everything in or out of nature.


There also were other tourists who came from other cities and even other states. People were coming with their families,  babies and dogs. Some people were doing professional photo shoots and had their own models. I was exciting when one of the photographers agreed to take a picture of me and my husband.IMG_8035IMG_8094

This was on March (apparently this month is the best time of blooming) and the weather was perfect for hiking without feeling hot or cold and of course we had our picnic over there. This beautiful memory of visiting blooming fields on mountain, which was on fire couple years ago because of drought, taught me a beautiful lesson that even though sometimes we are having droughts in our lives, but when rains, it also brings blooms with it.


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