Paradise on The Earth. Maldives Islands.

Welcome to a land which  shows you 100% paradise image on the earth.Hi all, it has been a while I couldn’t have chance to write about my trips, but can’t missed this one. Our Maldives Islands vacation was in November, which is considered as a best time to visit Maldives. First, let me tell  you about these beautiful and dreamy islands.

Maldives known with its famous sandy white beaches, the serene turquoise lagoons, the richly colorful coral reefs and of course with tropical trees. The Maldivian coconut palms are most used fruit trees in Maldives. They use coconut shells for making dishes, for crafts and some beautiful handmade souvenirs. Almost every Maldivian dish content a bit of coconut, which makes their food more delicious and exotic.The water is so clear and clean that you don’t even need the snorkeling glasses to see the fishes and other water animals. You can swim with dolphins,  different underwater   fishes, that you never see in other places.The most famous fish is Manta Ray, the unique underwater creature, drawing tourist to snorkel and dive in the deep Indian ocean.


Many people asked us if we get bored staying at Islands and doing nothing adventurous, but the answer is there are so many things you can do and never get bored. Maldives is not only a relaxing romantic place, but it is also very adventurous. We were snorkeling all  day, kayaking, visiting inhabited islands and there were still lots of things we didn’t have time to do.Lots of people do diving, fishing, and other fun activities. For me the best part was swimming all day long, eating lunch on the beach and watch sunset. I could live whole my life there.

If you want to enjoy the best beaches in the world, just book a vacation package in this beautiful Maldives Islands.


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